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GAME ROOM 1  – New York Bank Heist

You are a member of a succesful crime team and today your team planned a heist at a bank in New York City. Beside cash they are known to have quite some gold in the vaults of their clients. Your recon team has just completed phase one of the heist: they have assured the building is empty and gained access to the bank manager\’s office. They have discreteetly hidden clues, tools and hints around the office which you will need to complete the job. Escape within 60 minutes with the money and the gold or go to jail!

Number of persons advised: 3-4 persons, max. 5 persons.
Minimum Age: 16 year (under guidance of an adult). Advised Age: 18.
Escape Time: 60 minutes.
Difficulty: 4/5

GAME ROOM 2 – Surgery Room

You wake up in a dark operating room of an old hospital. Regarding to your memories, you spent your last night at a hotel’s conference room, listening to a doctor’s course. After the speech, the doctor invited you to his room at the hotel to have a drink. This is where the memories start to get dizzy.  You must get out of the operating room and get to the doctor’s office. The key of your freedom can be found there. Escape within 60 minutes or fall in the hands of the crazy doctor!

Number of persons advised: 4-5  persons,  max. 6. You can try/play with 3 persons but the price will be for 4 persons.
Minimum age: 16 (under guidance of an adult). Advised Age: 18.
Escape Time: 60 minutes.
Difficulty: 3,5/5

GAME ROOM 3 – Missing Geisha

The famous geisha Chou in Kyoto, Japan suddenly disappeared after her performance In the evening. You were her last guests. Where is she…? It is your task to find the answer in her room to prove your innocence and escape.

Number of persons advised: 3-4 persons,  max. 5 persons. You can try/play with 2 persons but the price will be for 3 persons.
Advised and Minimum age: 16 (under guidance of an adult).

Escape time: 60 minutes
Difficulty: 3,5/5



2 persons : 60 euro (30 pp)  (= only possible for the Missing Geisha Room)

3 persons : 78 euro (26 pp)

4 persons: 96 euro (24 pp)

5 persons: 110 euro (22 pp)

6 persons: 120 euro (20 pp)  (Only the Surgery Room is available for 6 people and the minimum price will be 96€)



What is an escape room?

Live Escape games comes from the popular pc games and now it’s also played offline which is more fun to do. In 2007 the first Live Escape Room was founded in Japan. The first escape room in Europe was in Hungary (2011).  After the Netherlands (2013), it came to Belgium a year later. The concept is that you and some friends are locked up in a room (or even a house) which has a certain theme. It can be adventurous, mysterious, detective,.. By looking for clues, keys and solving puzzles  you have to get out that room within a certain time, mostly 60 minutes. So it’s a race against time and time flies while having fun.

How many people can play?

Unless you have A LOT of experience with escaping it’s recommended to play the rooms with minimum 3 persons.  Please look for the maximum amount of persons. It is really not possible to come with more persons. If the group is bigger than the maximum number of people per room, you have to book 2 or 3 rooms. It’s possible to book 3 rooms at the same time.

Who can play these escape games?

Everybody who wants to feel the thrill of escaping with his/her friends, partner, family or colleagues by looking for clues and solving puzzles will certainly enjoy the experience. Attention: we have to warn that it’s possible that if you play one room, you get hit by the ‘escape-virus’ and there’s no cure for it yet

Is there a minimum age required?

The games are most suited for the age between 18 en 81. If there’s any text in the room, it will be in English and some puzzles can be too hard for younger or older people. Under 18 entrance is only allowed with adults. Altough children can enjoy the experience, we do not allow entering the room for children under 12 years. The puzzles are too hard and they get bored (it is all tested before).

Can I cancel the booking?

You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the game. After that you will be charged 50% of the game. No-shows are charged 100% of the game. It’s best to change the booking date on time if you want.

Can we get help during the game?

The goal is to escape the room with the help of the clues but it’s not always that easy. So when the gamemaster sees that you are blocked at some puzzle or during the game flow, he will give a hint so you can go further.

What time we have to arrive?

We ask you to arrive 5 minutes before the start of the game. This gives you time for a stop at the toilet and to lock your stuff away in the lockers. There will be a short briefing. If you are late, we will have to deduct it from your 60 minutes, so please plan your trip and be on time. If not, give us a call.  IF YOU ARE DRUNK OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS, YOU WILL BE REFUSED ENTRANCE TO THE ESCAPE ROOM without refund!

How we get there?

  • BY CARE In the street of our Escape Room (Blijde inkomststraat 103) there is mostly some parking space especially during the evening, otherwise you drive further in the street, there is more parking and if not you can park underground in the Ladeuze-parking. It’s a 8 minutes walk.
  • BY TRAIN: our building is only 12 minutes from Leuven station.
  • BY BUS: From the station several buses are possible. Bus 601 and Bus 630

Why this site is in English?

A lot of international students, employees and tourists are staying in Leuven. Therefore it’s logic this site is at least in English. A Dutch version is possible in the future. another reason is that some text in the games (not soo much) are in English. We are sure our visitors understand some basic English. We speak Dutch and English.


Open: Monday – Sunday.
But best is to take a look on our booking-website to see the current available data/hours.

Online reservation or by email 2 days in advance.


Blijde inkomststraat 103


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